need help?


Have you ever thought that regardless of how many ideas you can come up with – or how many times you go through your magazine clippings – that you are still not so sure what works, or what doesn’t. Not even sure if it is feasible? Wondering if you’ve overlooked something important, no matter how much you talk about it?

If so, maybe you could use a little help to make sense of it all.

With most building projects - even a small addition - there are many considerations, and quite often numerous options & possibilities. It can be fairly easy to get ‘bogged-down’ and a little ‘stuck’. Not sure what to do next?

Maybe it’s worth considering some preliminary input from a professional, to help ‘steer you in the right direction’.

initial consultation

I quite often provide an ‘initial consultation’, to help an owner with the general considerations for their project. (This consultation can be either a one-time discussion, or the initial step to helping design your project.)

A ‘consultation’ often starts with me investigating the building bylaws for your property, to determine possibilities and any restrictions. (This allows you to know what you can & can’t do, providing the necessary ‘framework’ to discuss your ideas & determine realistic possibilities.)

Then, most often ‘on-site’, we would discuss your ideas, general needs, & goals. After a review of your property & ‘existing conditions’, I could then help you make sense of your options, and address your questions & concerns. Often I am able to determine & explain which general design possibilities may be the most appropriate & feasible to focus on and pursue, & equally important, which design options you should avoid.

If you are interested, I can also provide design ideas as well, and potentially point-out possibilities that may not have occurred to you.

An ‘initial consultation’ generally does not take a lot of time - it often involves an investment of 2 or 3 hours - depending on your situation. For this service, I charge on an hourly basis.

If you are interested in discussing your project, or finding out more about a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact me.