10 design tips to make the most of your project


  1. The layout of your home or cottage should acknowledge natural light throughout the day - morning sun in your breakfast nook or your master bedroom, afternoon sun in your family room - whatever suits your preferences.
  2. A small pantry directly off your kitchen is extremely convenient and allows for fewer expensive kitchen cabinets.
  3. Your actual furnishings and their preferred / possible placement possibilities have to be part of your design process, not just something you work out later.
  4. Re-working existing spaces may allow for a more efficient layout without the need to add-on.
  5. Bigger isn't always better - comfort, charm and character are often sacrificed with spaciousness.
  6. Look at different possibilities - often a certain effect can be achieved less expensively while retaining the same appeal.
  7. For an addition not to look out-of-place, carefully consider how the rooflines will tie in with your existing roof.
  8. An open layout will have to be balanced with closed rooms for acoustical and visual privacy.
  9. Spaces will generally feel more open and pleasant when you have windows in more than just one wall.
  10. A small washroom near a side entry will permit easy access from your gardens or the lake.