10 building tips to make the most of your project


  1. Most home & cottage builders have individual specialties - either new construction, additions & renovations, or restorations - only investigate the ones applicable to what you have in mind for your home or cottage.
  2. Plan your construction start to not have any outside work done in the winter – some materials can not properly be installed in the cold, and the weather may encourage builders to cut corners.
  3. Often residential builders are not equally good at doing all things. The most appropriate builder for you will be dependent on the specifics of your project.
  4. For those wishing to receive the most competitive construction quote possible, avoid / minimize using ‘allowances’ (for construction materials, finishes, or components).
  5. Generally you may be better served in having your project built by a local builder (20 to 30 minute radius).
  6. Spring is often the busiest time of the year for residential builders – you may get a better job, at a more reasonable price if you can start later. (Cottages are another matter – most people want to wait until the end of the summer until they start any construction, so fall can be quite busy for these builders.)
  7. For sloped roof / ceilings, be aware that certain types of insulation will actually cause asphalt shingles to prematurely deteriorate, and invalidate the shingle warranty.
  8. Do your homework in selecting a builder. Regardless of how detailed your drawings are, the builder will make a huge difference in the outcome of your project.
  9. Be very leery if a builder can start ‘right away’ – most good residential builders are booked for months in advance, if not longer.
  10. It is very common for builders to suggest quicker, ‘cheaper’, & easier ways to do things – however often when this is the case, it is not in your best interest. Make sure first.