benefits of craig elliott architect


expertise in residential design

My expertise is in design. I specialize in the architectural design of private residential projects for individual families; homes, chalets, cottages, and boathouses – both new & additions.

fulfill your projects potential

I understand the creative & functional potential of your project and your site. Your project really should fit your particular property, harmonize with its surroundings, and take full advantage of what is offered. I can help you identify the best design alternatives to explore – and, as importantly, explain which possibilities to avoid.

acknowledge ‘the big picture’

It’s very important to make sure that you haven’t overlooked any essential aspects. I am trained to look at the ‘big picture’ - to keep the whole planning process in mind, and carefully consider all relevant factors - at the right time.

personalized design

Your project should be a reflection of yourself – your dreams & ideas, your personality, values, & lifestyle. I can help you conceive & tailor your design to not only incorporate your preferences & tastes, but also suit your day-to-day living & match your particular needs.

make sure your ideas harmoniously fit together

It is quite common for people to have numerous ideas, magazine clippings, & thoughts of what they want to include in their project. However, it’s very important that your entire project fits together harmoniously & coherently, with all of the individual aspects integrating properly.

realistic floor plans

Your layout needs to be functional & convenient – it must have properly sized spaces & rooms, realistic furniture layouts, ample closets & storage in the right locations, and so on.

options / implications / most effective design

With a thorough exploration of potential design solutions, I am able to review with you the relevant merits & implications of each possibility to determine the most effective design. What’s best for you depends on your priorities – what’s more feasible, efficient, interesting, convenient, unique, economical, appealing, intriguing, distinctive, easier to build, etc.

effective control of your costs

I am able to help you steer clear of oversights, problem areas, & avoid common mistakes. Together we can develop an efficient layout to minimize your project size & cost. We can minimize / eliminate the chances that costly changes will crop up during construction, with a systematic design approach & careful attention to detail. I can advise how to keep costs down, evaluate less expensive options or more economical materials. I can also help you get the most competitive quotes possible - and minimize misunderstandings & hidden construction costs - by providing the necessary detailed documents.

knowledge of technical aspects

I have a firm understanding & extensive experience with the many technical aspects that will impact & influence your project - zoning bylaws, variances, special approvals, building codes, permits, materials & methods, construction techniques, and so on.

make informed & confident decisions

Many people aren’t sure of what is possible, nor are they fully aware of the risks, benefits, & long-term implications of the many important choices they will be asked to make. With my design expertise & knowledge of the planning process, I can provide professional advice that is completely unbiased and entirely objective – advice that is also distanced from the emotions that may color your own judgement. This professional insight will not only allow you to make informed, confident & sound decisions of what is best for you; but it will also help you to avoid worrisome second-guessing.

a clear & straightforward path

Planning & executing your project should be exciting, fun & rewarding. However, it can also be very challenging, anxiety producing, and even overwhelming – but that doesn’t have to be your experience.