project approach of craig elliott architect


A very important part of my ‘job’ is to listen - and to ask the right questions.

And part of my ‘job’ is to help guide you through the design process, provide professional advice and recommendations, and help you to make informed & confident decisions - decisions that are not only the most appropriate for you, but are also correct from an architectural design / planning perspective.

For me to help you achieve the design that is right for you, it is my firm belief that your active involvement throughout the design & decision making process is extremely important & necessary.

Regardless of the scale of your project, I begin by carefully considering all relevant factors, to provide a realistic foundation and proper ‘framework’ for your design to emerge.

My design approach is both focused and comprehensive, to ensure that the resulting design solution - that you & I develop together - will be the most appropriate & effective for you and take full advantage of your property.